Birdbath for Exterior Decoration by Alpine Glass

Alpine GRS470A-18 Purple/Blue/Yellow Mosaic Glass Birdbath with Metal Stand, 18"

Alpine GRS470A-18 Purple/Blue/Yellow Mosaic Glass Birdbath with Metal Stand, 18″

Do not underestimate the exterior design of your house since it is also part of your house. Alpine Glass is a famous manufacturer that produces decoration for both interior and exterior design. As you might already expect from the company name, the product from this company is made out of glass.

When it comes for exterior design, most people rely on durable material such as metal or wood. Such materials are needed to withstand extreme weather condition that potentially damages the decoration. Fortunately, the industrial grade level of glass material used for products manufactured by this company is weather resistant.

Alpine Glass Blue Flower Birdbath

Garden gnomes and pink flamingos are the most used options when it comes for garden decoration. If you need outstanding exterior decoration that will make your garden more special than your neighborhood, consider to use something else instead. Blue flower birdbath is unique exterior design manufactured by Alpine Glass for your garden.

This beautiful piece of exterior decoration is designed by fine artisanship to create artificial flower that attracts birds. The blue glass material is not only durable, but also able to withstand extreme temperature of your exterior. It features fade-resistant material that will maintain its original color even though it is exposed under the sun rays for several seasons.

The dimension of blue flower birdbath by Alpine Glass is 18 inch in diameter with height of 3 inch. It is able to accommodate up to four liter of water. Since its entire design is made out of glass, you can easily clean it up as you clean bowl.

Alpine Blue Flower Birdbath, 18"

Alpine Blue Flower Birdbath, 18″

Aside from being used as exterior decoration for your garden, you can also purchase it as gift for your neighbors that cannot afford any decoration for their garden. If you decided for your own use, make sure you purchase the birdbath pedestal as well. This pedestal will hold your blue flower birdbath in a steady position.

The most suitable pedestal made from the same company for this product is the one with hourglass layout. It has four legs that help the structure to stand properly and four prongs that hold the birdbath in place.

In order to accommodate with the weight of Alpine Glass blue flower birdbath, the whole construction is made out of steel material. Both legs and prongs of this pedestal features rubber to maintain the stability of the pedestal and the birdbath. Use the birdbath along with its pedestal for garden decoration to welcome your feathered friend.

Alpine Birdbath, Blue/Green, 18"

Alpine Birdbath, Blue/Green, 18″

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