Simple Tips for Your Room by Using Round Gold Mirror

Uttermost 13887 Junius Round Mirror, Gold

Uttermost 13887 Junius Round Mirror, Gold

Do you have a round gold mirror? This mirror will do great to your room. It has multi-function roles. You can use it to look at your image or to help you doing the grooming. It also has decorative functions. It makes a small space looks larger, reflects the lights, generating warmness, and give you a point of interests. What you need is finding the right mirror to do all those jobs. You need to find the right style, shape, and size to have your desired atmosphere. There are several things to do to achieve the purpose.

Round Gold Mirror to Refresh Your Room

Firstly, you need to have the perfect size for your room. Is your round gold mirror is just perfect for your room? Scaling is the most significant things to consider when you choose a wall decoration, such as mirror. You need to determine the right size and place to hang it. The larger mirror you have in hand, the bigger impact you have in your room.

Rienzi Gold Metal Leaves 28" Round Wall Mirror

Rienzi Gold Metal Leaves 28″ Round Wall Mirror

Handmade Round 22" Gold Wood Frame

Handmade Round 22″ Gold Wood Frame

As for the placement, the rule of thumb is that you need to leave no less than 1 ft below and above your mirror. Where you should place it? There’s no rigid rule on it, just play your imagination. In the bottom line, a round mirror will be great when centered. Round mirror, such as round gold mirror, will also great when placed by mantel top.

The next step is playing with mirror’s shapes. Actually, there will be many shapes, but since you already have the round mirror, you do not need to worry about the choosing. Try to find some unique places to add the fresh and updated atmosphere. Leave the dining room, living room, or entry way options. Do the other options instead, such as your empty small wall. Your round gold mirror will look better and it even can change the overall look.

The last thing to consider in positioning your round mirror is about your personal style. Gold mirror in round shape is a representation of classic or vintage styles. From this reason, you need to match it with your existing room. Does your room have those kinds of styles? Or does your room have a different decor? It will blend well with your existing classic room. It also blends really great with your contemporary or minimalist room, though you need an extra consideration in placing it. Those are several things to consider in making your room fresh with your gorgeous round gold mirror.

DirectSaleUSA Sun Shaped Sunburst Wall Mirror Set (021916ol547), 10" L x 4.78" W x 5.75" H, Gold

DirectSaleUSA Sun Shaped Sunburst Wall Mirror Set (021916ol547), 10″ L x 4.78″ W x 5.75″ H, Gold

24" Gold, Round Wall Mirror, Crackled Glass Mosaic, Decorative Design by DecorShore

24″ Gold, Round Wall Mirror, Crackled Glass Mosaic, Decorative Design by DecorShore

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