Easy Guide to Put Gold Wall Mirror and the Effects

Better Homes and Gardens Baroque Wall Mirror, Gold

Better Homes and Gardens Baroque Wall Mirror, Gold

Do you want to add something charming to your room? Then you can try gold wall mirror. Mirror is a multifunction furnishing that you could put in your room. It can add an illusion of enlarged space if it happened to be placed rightly on a small room wall.

It also brings the sense of lightness to the room as well as giving the open spirit. Of course, you can always take a look at it to fix your appearances. As opposed to place the mirror in a standing position, hanging mirror on the wall can give you further flexibility in connection with its height, framing, weight, and it placement.

Howard Elliott 21188 Talida Mirror, Gold

Howard Elliott 21188 Talida Mirror, Gold

How to Place the Gold Wall Mirror Properly

If you want to hang gold wall mirror or other type of mirrors, then there are several simple rules to follow to get your desired effects. Aside to rules, the most basic factors you have to know before hanging your mirrors are only three points. They are the space of your room, the size of frame and mirror.

Moreover, the rest is up to your taste.  Your first move is finding the place to hang the mirror, and then mark the spot before hang it. As about the mirror sizes, it depends on your room size. If it is a large room, find mirror with size between 2-3 feet on each its sizes.

3-Piece Sunburst Wall Mirror Set, Multiple Finishes, Gold

3-Piece Sunburst Wall Mirror Set, Multiple Finishes, Gold

For smaller room, choose the mirror with 1 foot or so.  How to determine the height of the mirror? In order to have a good and charming effect, you need to consider the height of the rest furnishings and the people in your home.

As for guideline, if the mirror is the only object on the wall, the center of full length mirror will be about 6 feet above the ground. This rule is applied to your gold wall mirror. The most elegant of all, wall mirror from gold is a timeless furnishing you could pick for your beautiful and luxurious room.

Whether it will be a rustic, antic or even modern gold mirror, combined with the overall theme, it always adds warm and luxurious atmosphere to your room. If you love classic designs, then you can always choose this type of mirror.

It is an easy cheat to add the classiness. So, the next time you want to redo your room into the more classic and elegant tones, then do not forget about this gold wall mirror.

Infinity Instruments Lyon Round Mirror, 26"

Infinity Instruments Lyon Round Mirror, 26″

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Handmade Round 22″ Gold Wood Frame

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