IKEA Ribba Frame as Simple and Elegant Picture Keeper

Choosing the best frame for your preferred picture can be hard since you need to highlight the options that come with the picture without detracting out of them with the incorrect frame selection. IKEA Ribba frame are an ideal selection for numerous pictures since their stylish clarity lets the subjects to stand out. Below, we list some of them.

Ikea Ribba 5×7 Picture Frame. Black. Set of 2

Ikea Ribba 5x7 Picture Frame. Black. Set of 2The frames were packed perfectly in safety bubble cover and strong container, therefore the truth that one got a damage close to the seam that I received to fill out with a sharpie to ensure it is not so much visible and the other got a bit of bubble in the black-colored paint was unsatisfying.

They are processing flaws, not delivery problems. I wanted it for a surprise gift, so that it wasn’t worth getting back and from a certain distance they appear okay. They already have glass enclosures and also stand nicely on the backings, and pads inside were even great. It is only a waste regarding the black-colored paint on the frames itself getting small makeup problems.

Purchased three units of IKEA Ribba frame (for six total) but not a single one have damaged glass. Make sure you remember when you look at the testimonials that people who did get a damaged product are much more supposed to make a product review compared to people who did not.

Shipping and delivery glass across The United States might lead to a few sections of products being damaged, and if the retailer changed damaged products there is nothing you could ask for. In terms of the real product, they are strong and appealing however they are extremely dense and mounts are not perfectly crafted. If you purchase these to attach on the wall surface, you will need an extra hanging unit.

Ikea Ribba Gray 8 X 10 Picture Frame

Ikea Ribba Gray 8 X 10 Picture FrameI believed this IKEA Ribba frame could match an 8×10 (with the matting), instead of a 5×7.This frame is wonderful, even though comes with a little minor defect.

The great shine is extremely fashionable and elegant – The mat improves the picture and also helps make framing simple and easy. – PH-neutral mat; is not going to discolor the photograph. – Can be installed standing or hanging, either vertically and horizontally, to integrate the available space.

IKEA – RIBBA Picture Frame, white (X2)

IKEA - RIBBA Picture Frame, white (X2)

  • Frame material: Fiberboard, Foil Front protection material: Glass, Mat material: Paper
  • Depth: 1 ¾ ” Width: 9 ¾ ” Height: 9 ¾ “
  • Mat inside meas. W: 4 ¾ ” H: 4 ¾ “
  • Mat is included inside. Designer by Lisa Lindström
  • Picture, height: 9 ” Picture, width: 9 “

It does not matter whether you use wood or metal frames. The most important thing is that you can get quality products and free from harmful materials so it is safe for you and for photos that are stored in the frame. Pay attention to other aspects such as mats and clinging, because you definitely want the photos you save can last for many years.

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