Cobalt Blue Vases for Elegant Interior Decoration

Syndicate Sales 8" Gathering Vase, Cobalt

Syndicate Sales 8″ Gathering Vase, Cobalt

In decorating the inside part of the house, it is common to use the vase as home furnishing. It increases the beauty or attractiveness of some parts in a house. It is adjustable to choose any kind of vases based on the needs. In the need of getting elegant interior design, cobalt blue vases are completely suitable to make the interior looks so elegant.

The cobalt blue vases have the deep blue or greenish blue that can exude the elegant nuance because of their simply dominant color. Similar to other vases, this one is available in various materials and designs including shape and size. It enables you to choose based on your personal taste to make it more appealing.

Moreover, the material that mostly used for this vase is glass as it gives transparency impression. Then, there are so many types of cobalt vases’ shapes such as centerpiece vases, square glass vases with cube center piece, gathering vases, spring garden rose vases, clear baroque draped candle vase, small glass bottle vase, and so forth. For the size, it is accustomed in various length and width.

Before buying cobalt blue vases, you need to determine the place that will be used in putting the vases either as table accessories or floor accessories. For table need, it will be proper to choose the small vase under 11 inches. While for floor need, it is better to choose the vase which has the size of 20 inches or beyond.

Howard Elliott 22076S Sleek Vase, Small, Cobalt Blue

Howard Elliott 22076S Sleek Vase, Small, Cobalt Blue

Syndicate Sales 8" Rose Vase, Cobalt

Syndicate Sales 8″ Rose Vase, Cobalt

Arranging Cobalt Blue Vases for Elegant Decoration

The next step is how to arrange it in order to make the interior look so elegant. Firstly, we can put 11 inches spring garden vase in the living room table. Then, put some white lilacs or roses in it. Put also 3 cobalt blue glazed bottle vases with different size (11 inches – 9 inches – 7inches) on the top of drawer or in transparent cupboard of your living room.

In the corner of some parts in your house, for example the corner after the stair in the second floor, it will be better if you put two cobalt blue glazed ceramic vases in 20 inches and 17 inches on the floor precisely. Their presence will live up the space.

That is just an example in arranging elegant decoration by using cobalt blue vases. You may explore more about the designs by using other references or your personalization.

Howard Elliott 34053 Glazed Ceramic Vase Set, Cobalt Blue, 2-Piece

Howard Elliott 34053 Glazed Ceramic Vase Set, Cobalt Blue, 2-Piece

Syndicate Sales 11" Spring Garden Vase, Cobalt

Syndicate Sales 11″ Spring Garden Vase, Cobalt

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