The Fancy Backyard Water Fountains

Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain with LED Light

Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain with LED Light

For those who are looking for backyard exterior decoration, you might want to consider using backyard water fountains. Water fountains have distinctive benefits compared to most exterior decoration for backyard, including garden gnomes or statue.

When being operational completely, water fountains give relaxing sound and bring nature ambiance to your backyard exterior. Water fountain products manufactured by Alpine is one of the high quality products that you can find in the market these days.

For homeowners who have backyard property, the presence of water fountain will make the exterior layout looks pleasant and comfortable. In this article, we are not only talk about the quality of this product, but also its specification.

Alpine Corporation Birdbath with 2 Birds, 32", Bronze

Alpine Corporation Birdbath with 2 Birds, 32″, Bronze

Backyard Water Fountains Features

Fancy backyard water fountains are needed, particularly when you want to show your neighborhoods that your backyard is better than their decor. Rocky design is selected as main layout used for this outdoor fountain product. Despite the fountain is using rocky layout, it takes advantage of fiberglass instead of real natural rock.

Due to fiberglass material used for the rocky layout, the weight of this fountain is not too heavy. The dimension of this variant is 23 by 18 inches with the height of 40 inches. This dimension is suitable for any backyard or garden regardless its size.

Despite using fiberglass material, the water fountain from Alpine still has natural and beautiful appearance. Talented artisan constructs the backyard water fountains in order to get natural looks of gray stone. The water is coming out from the top of the fountain and flows naturally through each stone underneath to create peaceful natural ambiance.

Alpine TEC106 3-Tier Fountain

Alpine TEC106 3-Tier Fountain

In order to support its mobility before being installed, the weight of this natural looking product is about 47.4 pounds. Aside from having natural design, this outdoor decoration product can be installed easily. The installation is not complicated since the guideline and instruction is already provided in the package.

The instruction manual of this product also covers about how to assembly the pieces together without any problem. All pieces you need for building this amazing fountain can be found in the package along with instruction manual as well. Several pipes and pumps are also included in the package.

Other feature which completed this product is lighting system, so it can also be enjoyed in the night. The lighting system used for backyard water fountains take advantage of LED light to make it looks stunning. As the manufacturer of this product, Alpine successfully creates the artificial rocky water fountains.

Resin Column Fountain

Resin Column Fountain

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