Art Glass vs Regular Glass

What exactly is art glass for framing?

Artglass Anti-Reflective Water White is ideal for framing your pricey wedding and engagement photos, as well as displaying your own photography. There is no green tinge or optical aberrations in the glass, and it features an anti-reflective coating. It also filters off 70% of dangerous UV rays.

Is museum glass resistant to fading?

Which Glass Provides the Most UV Protection? A unique coating on conservation or museum-quality glazing removes 99 percent of the UV rays that might cause fading. This superior glazing is also optically very transparent, so framed objects will look brighter for many years.

How can you know if your art glass is UV protected?

Art glass has a little blue/green hue, Optium has a slightly green/purple tint, and regular UV plexi has a yellow tint.

Is UV glass required for art?

When exposed to intense, strong sunlight, most glass does nothing to protect artwork. Non-glare glass, as well as specially coated ultraviolet glass, offer minimal protection against fading. While glass makers and marketers may try to persuade you otherwise, museum curators know the reality.

Is glass used in picture frames the same as glass used in windows?

Standard, float glass, and basic are all terms that are used to describe this type of glass. Window glass is not the same as picture glass. This glass is appropriate for many of the images brought into framers. In most circumstances, glass would not be placed directly on your print, photograph, or other artwork (ask for advice on this).

What is the process of making art glass?

When light goes from air into glass and then back into air, some of it is reflected as a result of the transitions. The Artglass AR coating modifies the light transmission properties of glass surfaces, virtually removing reflections and increasing light transmission.

What is the distinction between museum glass and ordinary glass?

The sole distinction between the two is the level of UV protection. Museum glass provides 99 percent UV protection, the same as normal UV filtering glass. It is intended to be extremely clear as well as long-lastingly protective of your painting.

How can art prints be kept from fading?

If you don’t want the sun to dictate your design choices, simply frame your image in UV-filtering acrylic rather than glass. It’s really lighter than glass and will keep your artwork from yellowing or fading in direct sunlight.

Is UV glass worth the money?

Both standard glass and regular acrylic block some UV, but not much. UV glass will filter 97 percent of UV rays, but it is a protective coating that will wear off over time. UV coated acrylic, such as Cyro Acrylite, blocks 98 percent of UV rays and is incorporated into the acrylic so it never wears out.

What is the lifespan of UV glass?

Recent research on sunglasses lenses reveals that they may need to be replaced more frequently than we previously thought, and scientists in Brazil now recommend that we update our sunglasses lenses at least every two years.

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