Teal Ceramic Vase with Attractive and Unique Design

Melrose 9.5" Rustic Distressed Teal Ceramic Vase

Melrose 9.5″ Rustic Distressed Teal Ceramic Vase

Since ancient time, vase became the important product in international market. People know ceramic vase as China product, but several countries are able to supply the vase as good as China vase. Teal ceramic vase is used for two things: storage and decoration.

Teal is color between blue and green. This name comes from bird called Anas crecca in Latin name. Teal can be seen in its head as colored stripe. To create teal color, you need blue and green then put them together.

Too much blue will lead to teal blue, but too much green seems to look like usual green. You need to make the right ratio to keep the color at between lines. Moreover, ceramic vase is made of clay and part of pottery art. Meanwhile, vase is for flower holder and placed on desk as decoration. Contemporary vase has additional feature to support living flowers stay fresh every day.

Using teal ceramic vase has common problem. You cannot put it in bumpy surface and high accessibility to reach. Vase form ceramic is fragile and it cannot be broken easily. You can put this thing at corner where no one is able to stay near, unless necessary.

Teal ceramic vase is good for decoration because of various designs and shapes. Certain vase is good without flower, so you just need to put it on buffet with glass cover. Furthermore, everyone can enjoy the view.

Firefly Home Collection "Octopus" Ceramic Vase, Teal, 12"

Firefly Home Collection “Octopus” Ceramic Vase, Teal, 12″

Buying Teal Ceramic Vase

Actually, you will get this product directly from pottery center at your area. You can order customized teal vase with unique design and shape. This vase will match will your room decoration and looks beautiful.

If you need specific vase, you can buy one from Bloomingville. It is manufacturer with specialty in pottery. There are ceramic vases with teal as major color and attractive design. Bloomingville combines old and modern techniques to create high-quality product.

Teal ceramic vase consists of different shape. You may interest to have classic design with traditional ornament. For contemporary vase, Bloomville produces cone and tube shapes.

Teal Scalloped Ceramic Vase

Teal Scalloped Ceramic Vase

Stout Teal Ceramic Vase

Stout Teal Ceramic Vase

Another company that produces teal vase is Mayrich. Popular design from this manufacturer is fish shape with the hole to place flower. You can see teal color and realistic scales of fish.

This vase can stand properly, so you do not have to worry about stability. The design is like fish which goes upward with tail at the lower section as stand. It is attractive vase for aquatic room theme.

When buying teal ceramic vase, you need to ask about shipping insurance. As it mentioned earlier, ceramic vase is fragile and has high-risk for broken at journey.

8.5" Aqua Blue Ceramic Fish Vase

8.5″ Aqua Blue Ceramic Fish Vase

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