Bridgewater Candles Top 5 Reviews

Candle are a part of human being culture for many years. Initially, the single solution to easily see when the sunshine went down, was from candlelight, fires or torches. Torches were not secure in the house, and also, walking from room in your home to another room bringing a portable fireplace along with you was not effective or easy. That is why, candles lighted the way.

Bridgewater Candles 18.5 Ounce Large Jar (Sweet Grace)

Bridgewater Candle 18.5 Ounce Large Jar - Sweet GraceReally like this candle. Smells tasty and also strong although not very strong. Really like it because it is a soy candles (fewer toxic when compared with petroleum candle and last much longer).

A gender natural scent that is enjoyable, calming and clean. You will not be disappointed and scent is not intense, however is not weak in any way. Should keep ordering if they continue to make this smell. Glass jar is lovely as well! I purchased a few candles and then provide them with for gift items.

Bridgewater Welcome Home 18.5 Ounce Large Jar Candle

Bridgewater Welcome Home 18.5 Ounce Large Jar CandleThe optimal measure of smell, not entirely fake smelling. Extremely authentic. Burns up clean and nice, and consistently. Jar just happens to be attractive. Should order once again. Would also help make an impressive gift.

The fragrance of apples, plums and cinnamon direct me down the lane since I go home for our yearly family members gathering. Bridgewater’s glass jar candles offer an exclusive design that not just improves décor but can be great for a clean burn up each time. The organic soy combination is made for highest smell and also longer burn periods.

This offers a pleasant warm, hot and spicy smell which makes anything smell great. Burns up slowly and give vintage appearance on my house.

Bridgewater Candle Soy Blend 18.5 Oz. Jar (Afternoon Retreat)

Bridgewater Candle Soy Blend 18.5 Oz. Jar - Afternoon RetreatItem was shipped fast and it was the similar Bridgewater candles I noticed in a souvenir store outside of the city, I disappointed not buying earlier.

Natural scent. Outstanding candle light properties. A delicate burn up. Produces positive spirit in your current area. Worth every penny. Friends really like this for a present.

Bridgewater Candle Scented Wax Bar 2.6 Oz. (Sweet Grace)

Bridgewater Candle Scented Wax Bar 2.6 Oz. - Sweet GraceI had been not very confident on purchasing this fragrance since I had never used it before and I became gladly amazed!

This smell great as well as being a lovely pink color. It is simple to change into squares to place into a wax melter and also melts immediately. This get some my rooms taste nice the first time I applied this and then I used to be using it every day.

I enjoy just how long the squares endure and I really like the fragrance. I would suggest this to other people who enjoy fruit-like fragrances, it is certainly not pure fruity however feels exotic in my view. I got this item at no cost or a reduced price for a genuine product review.

This has not affected my views on the candles! I have published honestly around my experiences and feelings with the Bridgewater candles. There is absolutely no connection to the company and also, I have not received paid to do this product review apart from the product itself.

Bridgewater Candle 18.5 Ounce Large Jar (Wanderlust)

Bridgewater Candle 18.5 Ounce Large Jar - WanderlustReally like this fragrance and truth that it is a soy candles and a wonderful choice – more suitable for our houses and surroundings.

Bridgewater Candle 18 Oz. Glass jar (Wanderlust) is an excellent design that not just improves décor but excellent for a dirt-free burn anytime. The Bridgewater natural soy blend candle is created for greatest smell with longer burn periods. Burn duration around 140-160 hours. All cotton fabric lead-free wicks.

Comfort, welcoming, relaxing – all these are goal on what a candle can contribute to an area. However, they are products that are widely-used to put a splash of shades, fragrance, or an air of fun. Candles have been used since long ago to make better atmosphere. Then, how can you use Bridgewater candles?

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