The Elegant Eggshell 8×8 Picture Frame

8x8 - 2" Wide Signature Reclaimed Rustic Barnwood Photo Frame

8×8 – 2″ Wide Signature Reclaimed Rustic Barnwood Photo Frame

In this era, taking picture is a common activity to be done by many people not only in their vacation but also in their daily life. They want to capture and save every single moment of their live to make memories. In addition, they also want to share and give a look their experience or good events by the photos.

Besides, what is the best way to expose the pictures that can be seen easily by other people? The eggshell 8×8 picture frame is the right choice to complete the appearance of your picture. This article will talk about why you have to use this frame.

The Design of 8×8 Picture Frame

Using picture frame is more efficient than using a photo album because photo album also needs a shelf to keep it in order. There are many photos which saved in the photo album so that we need to take time when we want to recall the memories. Also, the photo album which keep so many photos can be forgotten because it doesn’t so special.

On the other hand, picture frames have their own beauty when they hang on the wall and can also complete the room decoration. From other point of view, the pictures can tell who are the people lived there and what kind of stories of their live. Using eggshell 8×8 picture frame as one of your frame is the best alternative because it has many qualities which explained below.

ArtToFrames 8x8 inch Eggshell Rustic Barnwood Wood Picture Frame, WOM0066-1343-YWHT-8x8

ArtToFrames 8×8 inch Eggshell Rustic Barnwood Wood Picture Frame, WOM0066-1343-YWHT-8×8

The size of the frame is 8×8 inch which is not too big or small to be hanged in the wall. This perfect size can be used for both 4×4 inch and 8×8 pictures. You can make a combination as you wish and decor your room freely.

Moreover, the eggshell 8×8 picture frame made special from rustic barn-wood that chisel carefully by a master woodcraft. This kind of wood will match perfectly with your room, especially when you want to give an antique touch. The rustic barn-wood is also easy to maintain and durable so that the frame will not damage the picture in it.

To make it more antique, the frame is embellish with eggshell which flawlessly glued on the top of the frame. This eggshell adds contour and some other color which make the frame outstanding.

And last, this eggshell 8×8 picture frame can match perfectly in every kind of decoration because the color is dominant white. The white color will be stand out in the dark decoration and bland in the bright decoration.

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